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ANZSVS Conference 2023
ANZSVS Conference 2023
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Challenge the Experts

Submission Guidelines

"Challenge the Experts" Session - Submission Guidelines

Submissions are now closed for the Challenge the Experts session.

Submissions Closed - Sunday 23 July 2023

Members (including trainee members) are invited to submit challenging cases to be considered for the special “Challenge the Experts” session. The presenter of the winning Challenge will be awarded a $1,000.00 prize. Submissions will be judged by a panel from the Organising Committee but are to be submitted in the form of a short PowerPoint presentation directly via e-mail to by Sunday 23 July 2023.

Please note:

  1. An abstract is not required
  2. Presentations strictly to be of 5 minutes duration leaving 6 minutes for panel discussion
  3. Maximum of 6 slides
        - Slide 1: Title slide: include all authors with affiliations (this slide will be temporarily removed to
        facilitate unbiased judging by the panel)
        - Slide 2: Background (history, examination etc.)
        - Slide 3: Image/video/photo
        - Slide 4: Image/video/photo
        - Slide 5: A clear enunciation of the challenge 
        - Slide 6: your own solution to the challenge: to appear at an appropriate time toward the
          conclusion of the discussion at the direction of the chairman
  4. Back-up slides (4-5) are permissible but are only to be used if appropriate during discussion and at the discretion of the chair. These are to be included (to follow slide 6) in the submission but will not be used during judging of the submission
  5. If you wish to show a full video, please bring it along to the Conference to be uploaded as part of your presentation. We encourage CT scans to be brought in video format so they can be uploaded as part of your presentation allowing you to flick through the full range of images on request. Please note: DO NOT send videos to the Conference Organiser.
  6. A panel decision will be e-mailed to submitters.

The best judged challenger on the day will be asked to present an expanded presentation in the main session. In accordance with the CV Scoring guidelines for the vascular SET program, the presentation may be eligible for CV points. All challengers will therefore need to prepare to potentially present a critical analysis of the evidence for management of the novel vascular condition.